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Call for Papers

International Conference on Advanced Vehicle Powertrains (ICAVP2024) 

The 2021 International Conference on Advanced Vehicle Powertrains (ICAVP2021) is aiming to bring together industry and academic experts in the fields of vehicle powertrains and automation. The format will be both in-person and virtual (i.e., online). The event will open up presentations and discussions on the solutions to both latest and future challenges among the development of the following frontiers, but not limited to

Advanced Vehicle Powertrains

Advanced engines/transmissions/drivelines

Energy management strategies for multi-modes of propulsion

Innovative energy efficient technologies

Innovative materials and lightweight design

Innovative lubrication

Powertrain integration/control/ optimization/diagnosis

Networked systems

Software development for powertrain control, real-time simulation

Experimental investigations, model validation

Components and powertrain-in-the-loop techniques

Advanced techniques in emission & GHG reductions

Analysis/assessment of impact on energy utilization and environment

New Energy Vehicular Technology

Dedicated hybrid transmission (DHT)

Dedicated hybrid engine (DHE)

Advanced propulsion systems

Electric drivetrain/motors/components

Charging technology & infrastructure

Powertrain electronics

Thermal management system for NEV

Electric transportation systems

Diagnostics & Prognostics

Application of AI methodology

EV safety design & technology

Vehicular Motive Powers

Alternative low carbon fuels

Power battery and BMS

Proton-exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC)

Solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC)

Catalysts for fuel cells

Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA)


Motive power safety technology

ICAVP2021 invites full papers describing original and yet unpublished work. All papers must include title, complete contact information for all authors, abstract, and keywords on the cover page. Research papers reporting on new development of powertrains for conventional, hybrid and electric vehicles, while industry and development papers reporting on actual developments of technology, products, systems and solutions. In addition, ICAVP will invite keynotes, organize workshop and panels. Best papers will be selected for award.

Paper Submission

Papers must be submitted in PDF format. Detailed submission instructions refer to the conference website. Direct your questions to Program Chairs: Prof. Khajepour ( and Conference Chair Prof. Xu ( All quality papers will be recommended to IJPT for further publishing.


Conference participants will have a specially discounted personal online subscription to IJPT. Authors with the best paper award will receive a free personal online subscription to the journal (for one year).